Sheila’s Vision

Seven= Apex, Culmination 
Seeds= Potentiality
Studio= A creative workspace for exploration and discovery

Seven Seeds Studio began in 2004 as a creative partnership between Sheila Cullen’s love for making art and her passion for bringing the transformational and joyful practice of yoga to her neighborhood community.

Sheila began studying yoga in 1988. At that time she was working as a Respiratory Therapist in  critical care and pursuing a Fine Arts degree,  The Yoga practice was the needed respite, the quiet place where she could turn off the noise and find moments of stillness and peace. The place to refill her sanity bucket!

After  moving to Toronto Canada in 1999, Sheila began her first Yoga teacher training with Hart Lazer. With Hart, she gratefully learned the fine skills of proper alignment and true mindfulness of practice.  The practice of yoga is large and wide , offering many different styles, sequences and energy expenditures. Working at a hospital, making art, and just living the energy of an urban life- what Sheila calls a “Collage life”- has always drawn her back to the natural balance of a slow deep contemplative Yoga practice.
Her “turn off the noise” approach has led her to further study with Nischala Joy Devi, (she is certified in Yoga for Cardiac and Cancer care) Sarah Powers (YIN yoga), Jennifer Reis (Yoga Nidra) and Rod Stryker (Asana and Meditation)

Many seeds have been sown and grown over the years, blossoming and flourishing in several physical spaces with an awesome sharing community of people. Sheila recently closed the physical space of Seven Seeds Studio in Toronto.  Although she no longer has the Seven Seeds Studio roof over her head, the creative space and the community remains in her heart and she continues to share the gift of  yoga through her classes at Spirit Loft.   She loves offering the gifts of the Quiet Practices, offering her students the creative tools to  awaken to their place of inner knowing so that they can live their most authentic life.   She teaches workshops and retreats across and around the globe.


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