Seven Seeds Studio as a physical space has closed and merged with Spirit Loft. They are located in the same building on Carlaw Ave. You can find Spirit Loft by entering the 290 Carlaw Door which is one door north of our previous studio.

The Business of Seven Seeds will still be owned and run by Sheila Cullen. She will continue to teach at Spirit Loft as well as offer workshops, and retreats. Stay tuned for exciting news! Sheila’s weekly schedule at Spirit Loft is as follows :

 woman practicing yogaModel releasedTuesday          5:15p ……………….Hatha Basics       60 minutes
Wednesday      9:30a………………Hatha for Life      75 minutes
Friday               4:45p………………Yin/ Meditation   75 minutes
Friday               6:15p……………….Yoga Nidra          60 minutes

The Seven Seeds- Pancha Mahabhuta
5 week course
Begins May 15, 2014 7-8:45pm

Pancha Mahabhuta     Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space (Ether) The Five Elemts

These are the 5 elements. These elements are the building blocks of our body, subtle energy, our constitution and everything in existence. A conscious and committed yoga practice is one of the most powerful ways to restore health and balance because it brings these 5 elements of our being into a harmonious relationship with each other.

This workshop will include a basic overview of the qualities and imbalances of each of the 5 elements. We will then move into a slow and deep practice that will create somatic awareness. This will include asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and meditation. By tuning into the stillness through these practices we will work on creating a Sankalpa, which is a positive statement that expresses your heartfelt desire for creating a healing, wholesome, balanced life. We will finish by settling into the beautiful practice of Yoga NIDRA- the Fine Art of Deep Relaxation. It is here that you will plant the Seeds of your Sankalpa… your first steps into your great potential and possibility.

The 5 week course will look at each element in depth, it corresponding energy center (chakra) and the physical  and emotional qualities of balance , harmony and their opposites. Please note that some yoga posture knowledge is  required to take this 5 week course.
** These  events will be held in new small intimate space of Spirit Lofts Studio B.  There is a limit of 10 spots available so please register early to  reserve your spot.***

Thursdays Beginning May 15, 2014

Location: Spirit Loft 290 Carlaw Avenue Loft 201

Fee: 95. + HST (includes materials)
Please pre-register  through Spirit Loft

Please feel free to call Sheila for any questions- the phone number remains the same @ 416-702-7648


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